Italy Hotels & Chains Report 2021

By Zoran Bačić on August 11 2023

ITALY Hotels Chains Report 2021

Italy Hotels & Chains Report 2021

Horwath HTL Italy have released the 8th edition of the Italy Hotels & Chains Report 2021, a full year since the beginning of the COVID-19 emergency in Europe. We cannot fail to highlight how much the pandemic has affected the entire world, and is still profoundly affecting the entire Italian tourism sector and the industries connected to it.

Despite showing dramatic and diverse effects on demand, the 2021 edition confirms the on-going strengthening of the Italian Chain hotel supply and stresses the importance to sustain this trend to ensure the country’s competitiveness against the global markets, especially over the strategic upcoming years.

The report presents updated hotel chains rankings, and key highlights include:

  • The general hotel stock (still the first in Europe) is decreasing in favour of a growing average size;
  • The numbers of branded hotels continues to increase, reaching 1,750 hotels (+3.2% growth, and a 5.3% penetration) in 2020, the equivalent of around 185 000 rooms (+2.3% growth, and a 16.9% penetration);
  • Ten new hotel brands have been launched, of which eight were developed by domestic operators, which is a promising sign for the industry;
  • 20,867 rooms are expected to open between 2021 – 2023, of which 52% belonging to Upscale properties, and with a prevalence of Lease and Ownership models.
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