Hotels & Chains in Italy 2014

By Giorgio Ribaudo on Agosto 1 2014

Italy is among the foremost countries in the world for tourism and its hotel supply, and according to Eurostat, ranks highest in Europe for overall capacity. Despite this high density of supply, the penetration of international chains is believed to be under potential, if compared with the USA and other major European cities.

Giorgio Ribaudo and Zoran Bacic of Horwath HTL, have produced an informative report on Hotel Chains in Italy. In the report they try to reveal the growing potential in the country as a competitive location for chain hotels and also demonstrate where most of the growth is occurring.

Key Highlights

  • In 2013, Italy had 1.235 chain hotels and over 146 brands. International chains accounted for 510 hotels and over 63.000 rooms, while domestic chains recorded 776 properties and over 82.400 rooms.
  • This stock of rooms explains an overall chain penetration of 12,7% in the 2013 Italian hotel market.
  • International and domestic chains are concentrated mostly in the Luxury and Upscale segments, where they account for about 16% and 28% respectively of the Italian stock.
  • Nearly 3 out of 4 chain rooms are in the Upscale tier.
  • Chains focus on big cities that are geared towards Arts & Business: Milan, Rome, Florence, Venice and Bologna are the top 5 locations, altogether totaling almost 170 international and over 200 domestic chain hotels.
  • While independent hotels have an average of 33 rooms, chain hotels are much greater, with an of average of 108 rooms, the Upscale supply standing at almost 123.