Capo D’Orlando Marina

Capo D’Orlando Marina – Sicily, Italy

Key Service: Marinas
Location: Sicily, Italy
Product: Due Diligence

Due diligence on the market potential for a developing marina

Horwath HTL assisted the client through several analyses covering local market conditions, historic performance of the former small dock, competitors’ performance analysis and nautical tourism perspective for Sicily and the Aeolian Islands. In particular, Horwath HTL drafted the complete operating P&L and provided a comparison with the forthcoming operator’s P&L, highlighting, for each revenue generator (berths, caves bateaux, retail, travel lift, shipyard, parking, etc.) potential areas of risk, and commenting on project constraints and standards. The client received both a review of the marina’s concept (ideal split of moorings classes) meant to best meet market segments’ expectations, thus to optimize revenue generation, and a comment on the reliability of operator’s forecasted cash flows.
Following the due diligence process, the client has financed the Marina Capo D’Orlando which opened in July 2017.