Congress Center at the Airport district of Pisa

Congress Center at the Airport district of Pisa – Pisa Airport, Italy

Key Service: Tourism & Leisure
Location: Pisa Airport, Italy
Product: Master Planning

Fesibility of a congress area to be realized in the “Cittadella Aeroportuale”

Horwath HTL contributed to the master planning activities with insights on other congress development in Airport districts all around Europe and in the light of current demand trends for the airport of Pisa. In addition to this benchmark, Horwath HTL drafted a plan estimating events volumes, revenues streamlines and providing business model alternatives for operations management of the congress venues. The plan was publicly presented at the municipality council, which also included a public discussion of positive and negative impacts deriving from the plan.
In 2016 the municipality adopted Horwath HTL study to define its town planning decrees for ruling the Cittadella Aeroportuale District, including the provisions for developing congress venues in the area.